Welcome back to Harringtons! We’ve missed you!


Our team have worked hard to get the salon COVID 19 secure for you so you can hopefully still enjoy your treatment as before.

•             The salon has been deep cleaned (and will continue to be done)

•             A new ventilation system has been installed

•             PPE is provided for every client

•             New hygiene procedures have been put in place to minimise risk of contamination

•             A new screen has been installed at reception

•             As we have washing facilities, we have opted to not invest in non-environmentally friendly disposables (our only disposables are masks, gloves and aprons) but instead regular washing procedures have been installed to ensure your safety


As a valued client, we are extremely conscious of your safety, so we need to ask you to help in our endeavour.  Please follow our new COVID 19 Harringtons procedure:


·         Complete an online COVID 19 Track & Trace form

·         Please arrive at the salon at the time of your appointment (if you are                early, we ask that you wait in you car until your appointment time)

·         On arrival, please ring the bell and we will come and greet you.

·         Please follow our COVID 19 Harringtons procedure

·         Place coats/bags/personal belongings into a plastic tub

·         Your temperature will be taken

·         Wash your hands

·         Dry hands with a paper towel and dispose

·         Sanitise your hands

·         Pick up a fresh mask

·         Wait in designated area for your stylist

·         Your stylist will lead you to your chair


After your appointment:

Please pay by card where possible

If you are paying by cash, if possible , please have the correct change

COVID 19 Questions 

for Track and Trace

Please complete all fields